Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Edinburgh Architecture

I recently had the good fortune to visit Scotland's grandiose and majestic capital city, Edinburgh. Being a Londoner, I'm a huge fan of cities, but Edinburgh is a different sort of place, with Reformation and 18th century architecture being the central styles in the Old and New Towns respectively. This is interspersed with a dash of medieval and, occasionally, a splash of the modern that makes any major cultural capital complete.

I wandered round, armed with camera (as well as my lovely wife and happy, noisy children), and it was sunny and springlike. We had a wonderful time. Too wordy I may usually be, but today I have chosen to let my photographs speak for themselves and show off this wonderful (and usually extremely friendly) town as best I can.

You can click on any of the images to see a slightly larger version, or you can see high quality versions of these images in the Edinburgh Architecture set on my Flickr site.

As I mentioned previously, you can find the full size versions of these images in my Edinburgh Architecture set on Flickr -- the set is here: .

Alternatively, you can click here for my Flickr site, or scan the 2D codes below from your SmartPhone.

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